Air conditioning in supermarket and convenience stores premises has become the norm over the past few years, the large heat input to these types of premises from the refrigeration and other equipment often becomes completely unbearable in the warmer months, the shelf life of the products is reduced and losses are made when goods that are spoiled have to be disposed of.
Refrigeration equipment does not run properly in a hot environment and there are numerous breakdowns resulting in more stock losses and high repair bills.
There is a solution to these problems, install air conditioning to your premises and you will reduce the temperature in the shop, this will stop products from being spoiled by excessive temperatures and keep your refrigeration running properly, saving on repair bills, spoiled stock and VASTLY reducing the cost of energy to run the refrigeration.
But what if you think you do not have the budget for air conditioning?
That is where we can help, we have a vast stock of factory reconditioned and new end of range systems that are specifically designed for supermarket and convenience store premises, all are from the leading Manufacturers and carry 12 months parts and labour warranty, they both look and perform in the same way as a new system, the only difference is the price, you can save up to 50% when compared to quotes from” regular” air conditioning companies.

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