Air conditioning in Restaurants has become the norm over the past few years and not without good reason, Display lighting, catering equipment and people produce high volumes of unwanted heat for most of the year and not just in summer. In a 100-seater restaurant, add 100 servings of cooked food and this combination produces a massive amount of excess heat.
With no air conditioning customers may stay until they have finished their meal, but are unlikely to return in the future. However if it's cool they will make their decision on the quality of the food and service.
Budget air conditioning specialise in air conditioning systems for restaurants and the leisure industry, we have a vast stock of factory reconditioned and new end of range systems that are suitable for restaurant and take away premises, all are leading brand names and carry 12 months parts and labour warranty and look and perform like a new system, the only difference is the price, you can save up to 50% when compared to quotes from”regular” air conditioning companies.