Why is Air Conditioning needed in Offices?
With greater densities of staffing and the increased use of technology, your office will get too hot. You risk decreased production in a working environment that is either too hot or too cold.

Temperatures in the workplace are covered by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, which place a legal obligation on employers to provide a “reasonable” temperature in the workplace, you may find that you are unwittingly working outside of the law when the summer or winter temperatures reach there extremities, this can be very easily dealt with by fitting an air conditioning system to provide both cooling and heating to your workplace.

There are many other bonuses when fitting a correctly chosen air conditioning system, one of the main advantages is Energy savings that are achievable of up to 66% compared with standard electric heating, we have a vast stock of factory reconditioned systems for office premises, all are leading from the leading manufacturers and carry 12 months parts and labour warranty, they look and perform in exactly the same way as a new system, the only difference is the price, you can save up to 50% when compared to quotes from”regular” air conditioning companies.