Dental equipment can generate a significant amount of heat. Installing a suitable air conditioning system allows you to control the temperature of your practice and increase the comfort of patients and staff.
Hygiene is essential within the health sector and therefore we can recommend specific filters that remove air particles such as dust, pollen, pollution and bacteria in order to provide a clean and fresh environment.

Air conditioning systems heats in winter and cool in summer. The added benefits are the energy savings that can be achieved over standard electric heating which is essential for dental practices that want to control costs.
Air conditioning in pharmacies and opticians has become the norm over the past few years, your patients will expect nothing less, but what if you think you do not have the budget for air conditioning?
That is where we can help, we have a vast stock of factory reconditioned and new end of range systems that are suitable for restaurant and take away premises, all are leading brand names and carry 12 months parts and labour warranty and look and perform like a new system, the only difference is the price, you can save up to 50% when compared to quotes from”regular” air conditioning companies.