Places of worship and function rooms that are used for weddings and events can often have large amounts of people in them when there is a specific event taking place, this can lead to a level if discomfort that is often unbearable, the answer to this problem is to fit correctly designed air conditioning, todays energy efficient air conditioning systems can provide heating as well as cooling giving your premises the guarantee of a comfortable environment for all.

But what if you think you do not have the budget for air conditioning?
That is where we can help, we have a vast stock of factory reconditioned and new end of range systems that are specifically designed for supermarket and convenience store premises, all are from the leading Manufacturers and carry 12 months parts and labour warranty, they both look and perform in the same way as a new system, the only difference is the price, you can save up to 50% when compared to quotes from” regular” air conditioning companies.

Why buy factory reconditioned Air Conditioning?

Here at Budget air conditioning we have a different approach to air-conditioning, we can save you money, it’s as simple as that !
Most “conventional air conditioning companies can only give you a quotation using equipment that they buy at manufacturers list prices, this leads to an un competitive quotation that often is way out of the customers budget.

Budget air conditioning are the largest stockist of factory reconditioned and end of Range new air conditioners in the U.K. with our huge stocks we are often able to cut our competitors quotations by up to 50%.

We stock all of the leading brands, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG and many more. By choosing a factory reconditioned system you get all of the looks and performance of a new system plus the benefit a large saving on cost.

All of our factory reconditioned systems carry 12 months parts and labour warranty as does our installation work and materials, our installations are carried out to the highest standard, just read some of our testimonials from our customers.
There is no “down side” to buying factory reconditioned, you are fully covered with 12 months warranty and our satisfaction guaranteed promise.